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What is a Heat Map?
A heat map is a graphical representation of two dimensional data (X, Y and Value) on a two dimensional surface using colors. A map a heat map is a representation of density of latitude and longitude points on a map. HeatmapAPI lets you creates heat map images you can overlay on your maps in your software or website.

Why Heat Maps?
Heat maps help your website visitors or users quickly visualize density. Most maps show a sea of points or themed polygons, however being able to visualize the density of those points makes it much easier to understand, especially when using colors as shown using a heat map.

Create Your Own Heat Maps
We give you an API that enables you to create your own heat maps on your maps, in your application. We offer a limited but free API you can use, or you can upgrade for unlimited data points or optionally run the API on your server.

Why HeatMapAPI?
Your heat map is rendered real-time. Its a single image that can be overlayed onto just about any GIS system that can overlay an image. Because the images are rendered real-time, you can change the data on the fly, and this makes it very powerful.

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